Why Play in a Frisbee Competition?

The official National Frisbee competition is held every year in the month of May. The rules and scoring system for the competition are quite different from that of other Frisbee games. A team must accumulate more points « on the board » than any other team when the time for the last game comes up. Each team starts with one player, usually the senior player on offense or defense. This person is called the starter.

Every international and national frisbee competition is separated into two different divisions. The first division, called the Pro Division, has teams that compete for the international frisbee title. The second division, called the State Pro Division, has teams that compete for the US frisbee title. Teams that make up both divisions must play each other once in order to qualify for the championships. There are four different championships at each level.

When teams play each other in the international or national tournament they are broken into two different groups. Each team plays a series of games against the other teams in its own division. The winner of each division earns the right to be the national champion. The players that earn the championship spots are then judged by the organizers of the competition. The player with the most points wins the game and the player with the fewest points loses their chance at the championship.

International Frisbee Games takes place in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. The International Frisbee Competition is held in half-day events that start out with a two and half day tournament. After this the international teams play for one day to qualify for the nationals. In the International Division the teams play a variety of games including Passing, Braking, Shooting, Disc Awareness, Catching, Flexibility and much more.

In the National Division the international teams play against the local clubs. The rules for the competition are quite similar to the ones for the IFC and NF courses. However, due to the size and nature of the course it is better to use a national or IFA grade B course rather than an IFC course as there are a limited number of club teams available for the competition. The two qualifying rounds for the national tournament can use any combination of the above courses.

The Regional or State level competitions are much more open to the public. The rules and procedures for these competitions vary slightly from the above. The best thing about the regional or state level Frisbee competitions is that the Frisbee can be played almost anywhere and for almost anybody. It is important to check out the course before attending to ensure it is suitable for the type of game you intend to play. If you intend to play with friends or family, then find a course that they will enjoy and be keen on competing on.

Some Frisbee players prefer to play at the Senior, State and/or National levels. The rules and regulations for these competitions are almost identical to those at the amateur and IFA level with one or two additions. The Senior and State level competitions are for players over the age of 18 and the National level competition is open to players of all ages. In addition to the standard rules for all of the above levels, the rules for the National competition include an extra set of discs for the player who places first at the National level.

The World Junior Frisbee Championship is the most prestigious competition in the world. This Frisbee competition is also supervised by the IIFA. The rules of this competition are subject to change from year to year and some years the tournament also has a World Team and Federation title as well. Although not sanctioned by the IIFA, this tournament is played on a global basis and is considered by many to be as prestigious as the Senior and State level competitions. The rules for this competition are subject to change each year so you should always check before playing.

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